I just tell a story about conventional marketing. Some people name it traditional marketing, and others call it orthodox marketing. Whatever the name, I just tell you about my experience.

According to my experience, I must sustain good cash flow in order to survive in my business.

Let me tell further. I sell fried chicken and burger. It's location is in front of supermarket near my house. I chose that place because I think it is a good position. The site is a place that cars and motorcycles run back and forth.

My business seems nice in the first month. I can pay wage to my employees and spend operational cost.

Lately, my business growth decreases. I investigate what this can happen.

After finding some reasons and thinking the solutions, I comprehend the ultimate problem.

Obviously, I made a mistake in choosing my business location. The right parameters that are used to evaluate whether a location is strategic or not is the site must be located in people who can walk back and forth (not the cars/motorcycles go back and forth).

This situation causes negative cash flow. I don’t have cash money to spend operational cost anymore.

After relocation, I hope my business growth increases. Beside relocation, I perform new marketing way. Actually It is fundamental and conventional marketing, I believe my products (chicken and burger) can spread like wildfire to the market with WoM (spread by mouth to mouth).

Now, I’m trying to increase my customer satisfaction. Through satisfaction of buyer, my products are known widely. Buyer who is satisfied will inform the other people about my product and service. Through that, I suppose that my products are extensively reach wide market.

The point is we have to consider the location whether it’s strategic or not and make good promotion if we want to run our business.

This is my story. Now, I want you to know the traditional marketing theory below.

traditional marketing - orthodox marketing - is still alive now ?

The theory of conventional marketing

I start with the question, "Is conventional marketing still alive in the digital era?"

Before answering the question, Just check the theory below.

* Conventional/traditional/orthodox marketing is a set of activities (planning, organizing, etc) to satisfy the needs and wants of customer. 

* The conventional marketing focus on customer performance level. It means marketer focus on customer satisfaction.

* The fundamental goal of conventional marketing is the transaction aspect. It means marketer makes profit when customer desires are satisfied.

* Conventional marketing can be set up in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, phonebooks, door to door, flyers, direct mail, billboards, sponsorship program.

* The advantage of conventional marketing: Some people are more friendly to conventional marketing because they’re familiar. 

Based on the advantage above, I'm sure the traditional marketing is still alive. This is my answer, how about yours?


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